Tracy Levesque Fine Art


Tracy Lévesque is an acrylic painter working out of The Western Avenue Artist Lofts in Lowell, Massachusetts. A life-long artist and Massachusetts native, Lévesque is constantly inspired by the rural New England landscapes that surround her. Her unique style is influenced by ancient Japanese woodblock printmaking, Tiffany stained glass and the work of the German Expressionists.

Her chromatic paintings are a celebration of Nature and her attention to line and detail are indicative of her signature style which is recognizable all over New England. Looking into one of Lévesque’s paintings is like looking through a stained glass window into a fairy tale world where that world looks right back at you.

Lévesque started showing her work professionally in 1999 and is currently exhibiting her work in galleries and fine art shows across the United States. She studied at Massachusetts College of Art and Brandeis University. For more info visit