All artwork MUST be original and handmade by you. No crafts, no jewelry. No mass produced versions of your art will be accepted (this rule holds for photography as well). No prints, giclees, or reproductions. No notecards of any kind. New artists will be accepted based on available locations and availability in their medium and subject matter.

The number of photographers will be limited, and accepted based on the date application is received, type of photography, type of process and subject matter. This applies to returning photographers as well as new applicants, and this number will include mixed-media artists who manipulate photographs, whether digitally or manually. Photographers must describe their process.

There is a limited availability of spaces able to accommodate 10×10 tents and those will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. The same rule applies for spaces with fences to hang art work from. No guarantees can be offered in space assignments.

Space assignments will be posted online the week before the event. No tents, tables, chairs, etc, will be provided. Setups are full responsibility of the artists.


 Who can apply?

Any artist who makes artwork by hand can apply–professionals, students, hobbyists. All artwork must be handmade by you, and you must be present at the show yourself.

What type of artwork do we accept?

The Beacon Hill Art Walk was founded for local painters. The show is still mostly paintings. Originals only–no prints or giclees are allowed. Some photography is accepted; we prefer photographs that are handmade and not mass produced. Some pottery is accepted; decorative, not functional. All applicants are juried.

NO crafts,
 NO reproductions, 
NO jewelry, 
NO kits, 
NO imports,
 NO greeting cards,
 NO T-shirts.


How do I apply?

There are 2 steps to applying. All applicants, returning and new, must:

1. Fill out the application form online, and  2. pay online or mail a check to Beacon Hill Art Walk, P.O. Box 171080, Boston, MA 02117.

Note: There are no refunds once your application is accepted. If you are not accepted, we will return your check. Once you are accepted and your check has been cashed, there are no refunds.


When do I hear if I am accepted?

You will hear from us after we receive both your signup form and check.

If you are a returning painter, we will notify you when we receive your payment.
 An email response is not enough to hold your space; we will hold your space after we receive your check. We will accept painters as long as there is space available.

If you are a new applicant, or a photographer or potter, we will hold all applications until the Early Bird Deadline of March 28th and then jury from the received applications in April.


What is the deadline to apply? 

There is no set final deadline. We will accept artists until all spaces are full.

The Early Bird Deadline of March 31st is for last year’s artists to claim/ request their previous space. Deadline for Artists to be listed on our website is May 29th. See How do I get on the website? Below.


How do I get my work posted on the website?

If you provided us your photos and bio blurb with the online signup form, we will put you on the website. Deadline is May 29th; artists joining after this date will probably make it online but no guarantee. The Participating Artist list will remain up all year long– customers often email us later looking for a particular artist.

Is there a number to call for info?

No, only email. If your question is not answered here, email us. Please do NOT call the Civic Association– they cannot answer questions about your space or display, etc.





When do I get my location assignment?

We will post location assignments on our website a week before the show. 
We will post a map of your location that you can download and print, which will show you your exact space and the spaces of the other artists in your garden. 
We will also post a map of the whole Art Walk, with the streets of the neighborhood, so you can see where your spot is.


Can I request a new space?

Yes. If you are returning and have a request for a new location, write it on your application form. If you do not have a specific request, then tell us what you didn’t like about your old space and we will try to change it.

If you participated years ago and have a space request, write it on your form. If it is available, we will try to give it to you.

If you are applying for the first time, and have a location request, write it on your form and we will try to accommodate you.
Why can’t I know my spot earlier?

We need to get permission from all the residents abutting all of the locations before we start assigning any spaces. And we need to wait until right before the event to finalize assignments in order to accommodate last minute changes such as residents moving, construction, utility work etc.





What if it rains?

The Beacon Hill Art Walk runs from 12pm to 6pm, rain or shine.  Bring a plastic drop cloth or a tarp to cover your artwork in case of a rain shower. If it is raining heavily all day, we will use indoor locations.


When will we know if it’s rainy day locations?

We will decide at 8 AM the morning of the show, and post it on the home page.


Can I bring a tent?

There are a limited number of spaces that can accommodate a 10×10 tent. You must request on your application form that you want to bring your tent.


Do you supply tents?

No. We do not supply any display materials. You must bring your own tables, easels, etc.





When should I set up?

Setup starts at 9am.   This event takes place in a residential neighborhood and this should be kept in mind when setting up.  Do not arrive earlier and please be respectful and keep the noise level down to a minimum.

How do I unload?

There will be location maps on the website. Drive as close to your spot as you can safely stop, unload, and move your car immediately. Bringing a friend or helper is important, so someone can help you unload or move your car (or watch your belongings while you move the car). Unfortunately there are not enough Art Walk volunteers to watch your gear during unloading.

Be respectful of neighbors and other artists, and don’t block streets. You MUST move your car before you begin to set up.


Where do I park?

Meters are free on Sunday, so you can park on the street. There are several public garages in the area. The Boston Common Garage is on Charles Street in between Boylston and Beacon, and costs $18 all day Sunday (Check their website for rates).

We don’t have any discount deals with any garages.

Even if your assigned Art Walk location is in a parking lot, you may not leave your car there– people own those spaces and are moving their cars for us to display there. Our agreement allows the space to be used for the Art Walk Artists, but explicitly prevents us from using it for vehicles.


Can I nail into walls or fences?

NO, Absolutely not. The residents are kind enough to allow us to use their property to display our artwork. You may not nail into or in any way damage buildings, fences, gardens, plantings, etc. Do not move their property or leave any garbage. If you cause damage or leave garbage we will not be allowed back in that garden in the future!

Some spaces have fences; if you bring wire, rope, hooks, etc. you can hang your paintings. You are held responsible for your area; please leave it as you found it. Please be courteous and remove any litter customers may have left behind.


How should I set up?

Some artists have Pro Panels, or wire grids. You can get pegboard or a piece of trellis from Home Depot. You can put small paintings on a table. You can lean large paintings along a building. Use your imagination and be flexible– all of the spaces are different sizes and shapes. This is a very unique show!


Can I leave early?
NO! Artists may NOT break down before 6 pm. Artists who leave early will not be allowed to return. It degrades the show and negatively affects the artists around you and the entire event.  Many visitors view the whole Art Walk and sales are common at the very end of the show.


Where is the nearest bathroom?

There are Porta Potties set up for the day at the corner or West Cedar and Cambridge Streets. (At the corner where CVS is, under the Red Line.)


Can I smoke in my space?

No. There is no smoking on private property. Several owners will ony let us use their gardens if the artists do not smoke, partly because of the smell and partly because past artists have left cigarette butts behind.


Where is the nearest ATM?

The are several banks and ATMs on Charles St. and Cambridge St. They are marked on the Art Walk map for customers.


Do you need volunteers?

YES!! We ask neighbors, spouses, and friends to be at the start tables for 2-hour blocks of time on the day of the event. You will be greeting visitors and handing them maps.
We also need help ahead of time organizing and publicizing the show. If you can give us a couple of hours, pop us an email and we’ll give you a task!

Volunteer via secure form on Artists Crossing