I believe that all of nature is art. What is a linden leaf in autumn if not Nature’s painting? Unlikely colors combine perfectly in composition and symmetrical design!

I am drawn to the texture, color and shape of things- large forms and tiny details. For me, how these all overlap in Nature is artistry. My passion is interpreting this artistry through my painting.

Watercolors are a natural medium for me. They allow me to capture the delicacy and femininity of flowers as well as the graceful curves and subtle color variations in leaves. They invite me to layer color, using the transparent nature of watercolors to change textured hard rock surfaces into softer more accessible form. With my work on yupo, I love the process of ‘chasing’ and ‘taming’ the paint, coaxing it toward more predictability.

I also work with pastels, especially soft pastels. Velvety with intense color, they bring a richness and depth to my florals and landscapes that are both soft and strong.


Medium: Painting - Watercolor

Anita Helen Cohen

Anita Helen Cohen