Sherie Dowsett


About: Sherie Dowsett moved to the United States from England in 1994 and is now at home in rural NH. She is an active member of Merrimack Valley Camera Club in N. Andover, MA, and New Hampshire Art Association (NHAA), Portsmouth, NH. She is the winner of numerous awards for her images, including in The Nature Conservancy (TNC) Annual Competition, the Plymouth (MA) Center for the Arts Annual Exhibits, and the NHAA Dunfey Exhibit. Sherie photographs flora and fauna in their natural environment and uses only natural light (no flash) to capture her images. She is a strong supporter of TNC and donates a portion of all sales to this organization.

Artist statement: My photography has helped foster the deep affection I feel for the natural world around me, and I find the experience extremely humbling. While a trained scientist, I am surprisingly uninterested in dissecting and understanding what I see, but instead find myself embracing scenes and behaviors without question. It is a liberating experience. For me, photography is about being totally connected to a moment in nature. It’s about feeling the light, the innocence and innate wisdom of an animal, the tranquility of the scene. It’s about freedom from expectations and hidden agendas, from strife and frustration. It’s about the beauty of the ordinary. When I create and share an image, it is with the hope that others will see the beauty of such a simple moment in nature, identify with it, respect it, and strive to protect it.