Scott Cahaly

Scott Cahaly is a contemporary Sculptor & Painter living and working in the Boston area. He is constantly consumed and involved with the act of creating. He entered the University of Vermont as a biology major in the mid 90's and graduated as a focused artist who was recognized by his professors and awarded an early grant!

In the decade and a half he has been creating, his time is balanced between carving medium to large stone pieces and painting on canvas. In both mediums his process is a reductive, always taking away to find the form and ultimately the completed Image! He has an inner world of visual imagery he is working toward one day fully displaying in painting/stone sculpture or perhaps a medium he has not yet attempted. Inspired by renaissance and tribal art, fueled by sitting meditation, Scott is determined to make a visual breakthrough in the fine arts!

He has been showing his work in many venues within the New England and NYC areas, which includes galleries, museums and universities.