Nadia Bercovich - I was born in Argentina, and moved to the states when I was 13 years old, without any English knowledge; this was the most difficult, and the most fruitful challenge I have overcome, and still influences my creativity today. 
I enjoy recycled mixed media most. I love painting with acrylics, as I relate to their boldness and quick permanence. I enjoy mixing abstract with slight realism factor.
I believe in the layers of the world, and personalities, people like the earth and everything in it are multifaceted, so I try reflecting this in my art. My true love is sculpture, I have not had the means/space to really explore this, but as I mature as an artist I will focus mostly on creating objects that people can interact with. I dont feel comfortable with the idea of art being this fragile thing one should refrain from touching. I believe art should cause reactions on people, all sorts of reactions, and that the artist should be able to liberate oneself from the ego and the idea, or the need for beauty as the only valued art.My  Art and Writing at, Twitter: @NBssion
Medium: Painting - Acrylic, Mixed Media