Kristen Anderson - BFA, Painting. University of New Hampshire, 1998

Expression is a means of communicating with the world, visual artists communicate through works of art. My artwork shows full appreciation of the visions observed through a diversity of medium and subject.

Sunlight illuminates portions of a boat, dissecting its geometry into intricate patterns, spilling light and color, I share with the viewer the attraction that I have with the vessel and its environment.

Annie Dillard writes; “The courage of children and beasts is a function of innocence.” The innocence of which she speaks is what is captured in works of children: awkward poses, leaps of joy, unchained expression. It keeps me in a state of awe.

Snowflakes are often described as infinite. The same can be said of landscapes. Light, wind, sounds are forces that change a view minute by minute. As an artist, I capture the moment that I see, allowing the viewer to hold forever the captured beauty.

My work is diverse and true to vision and emotion.