Barbara Busenbark
Color Notes Art Gallery

Barbara Busenbark opened up her own gallery, Color Notes Art Gallery, Hampton Falls, N.H. in May of 2013. Barbara started painting as a teenager with watercolor lessons, later moving into courses in college and finally studying with several master painters as an adult. For a decade Barbara has been painting full time, working out of her Peterborough, N.H. studio and showing at art shows throughout the summer months, from Maine to Pennsylvania. Color Notes Art Gallery is the latest stage in her progression as an artist.

Working in both watercolor and oil, it satisfies both the yin and yang of Barbara’s vision and personality. From the delicate flower to the rugged mountains, her medium is determined by her subject in most cases. She is both traditional and innovative. Her oil paintings are created almost exclusively with palette knife giving texture and vibrancy to her layers of color. Throw in a touch of the abstract and you can begin to see the uniqueness about her work. In watercolors, it is the soft beauty of color melding together in a slow and sensual dance that caresses the eye. All of it, invites you into her world with a welcoming smile.