Zöe spent her childhood in the city of Lincoln, a rural part of England with open skies, green spaces and over 1100 years of architectural history. She studied painting, ceramics and photography and gained a place at the Lincoln School of Art and design, later continuing her education in art, photography and art history. later, Zöe moved to Norwich, to the School of Art and Design and completed a BA (Hons) degree in Visual Arts. Leaving University, eager and wanting to put her mark on the world, she worked as a Marketing Coordinator for a large organization. Zöe worked in the field for 8 years, in both a Managing and an Artworking capacity, with several Design Agencies in the UK, worked with Budweiser, McDonalds, Sony and GE. During this time, she also studied Graphic Design and went on to teach. Zöe works from her studio in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Medium: Painting