Stephen Eames - As a child there were few things I enjoyed more than roaming the woods and fields of a then rural Lexington Massachusetts and over the years my appreciation of the unique beauty of New England, it’s cities and towns, rolling woodland and sea shore, has only deepened.
After graduating from the Boston Museum School graphic design has been my primary focus but throughout my career I have never been free of the urge to capture the natural beauty around me.
The landscape is for me the most expressive and evocative of all subjects. My photographs are captured digitally with a Nikon D-600 single lens reflex camera.
In making a photo I compose the image using the camera's full frame bracketing my exposures so I'm sure of having enough shadow and highlight detail.
I believe that capturing the image is the essence and heart of photography but having a working knowledge of traditional darkroom techniques is essential for making a good print where the challenge is translating the full dynamic tonal range as seen by the eye to the very limited color space of paper and pigment.
While fully embracing modern digital processing techniques I realizing they should never be reduced to a "bag of tricks". I use them, rather, as a digital version of the old fashioned “wet” dark room. While committed to the digital dark room I still honor all the needs and traditions of nature photography. 
Painting is a major part of my work, and seen together my paintings and photographs complement one another while representing different ways of seeing and experiencing the landscape.
I have been selling my photographs and paintings for over twelve years. 
My photography and painting is represented by the Impulse Gallery in Provincetown, the Island Art Gallery in Vineyard Haven, and the Renjeau Gallery in Natick.

Medium: Photography, Painting - Oil