Stephanie Mason - Rhode Island School of Design: BFA Textile Design
After a professional career in Textile Design, I became intrigued with the Japanese folk art of printing fish or “Gyotaku”.  Living in Gloucester, Massachusetts, a major fishing port, it made sense to try the technique. In 2004, I began printing fish with children at local schools. Since then, I have mastered the process, creating my own originals and developing assorted stationary lines and greeting cards. My collections can be found in museums and galleries throughout New England including: 13 Forest Street Gallery, Arlington MA, The Cambridge Co-Op, Cambridge, MA, Sign of the Dove Holiday Store, Chestnut Hill MA and The Clever Hand, Wellesley MA.
Fish Prints or “Gyotaku” is the ancient Japanese folk art of painting actual or real fish to preserve a true record of the size of the species. The process starts by painting a fresh caught fish, then laying rice paper on the specimen.  With  both hands you gently rub the paper and fish to produce a mono print or fish rubbing.

Medium: Painting, Fish Rubbing