Lisa Goren - I’m a local artist (Hyde Park) and I showed once at the BHAW many years ago. I work exclusively in watercolors and my subject is Polar landscapes. I have been painting the Polar worlds for over 10 years. This year I have been accepted as a participant in The Arctic Circle’s 2013 Artist Residency. I will be on a boat for 2 ½ weeks, 500 miles from the North Pole with 20 other artists and scientists. For the first 5 years or so, I focused on Antarctica in my work. Since then, I have been able to travel to Iceland and Alaska and have incorporated some northern latitudes. This trip be the longest I will have spent in the North.
I have also just completed a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign to help fund this trip. My work is inspired by the light, air, and unique sites that can be found in the Antarctic and Arctic.

Medium: Painting - Watercolors