Russian-born artist Inna Demidov, now living in Boston, has worked for more than 12 years in a variety of styles in oil, acrylics, and ceramics. 

Inna studied human anatomy in medical college in Moscow, Russia and the art of landscape painting in Cambridge, MA. 

As a pet lover, Inna likes to draw the whimsical images of her birds, iguanas, and other animals. She also puts a lot of fantasy into her paintings and ceramic arts. Inna travels a lot around the world, and she loves to portray the images inspired by the places she visited as well.

Some of her works have been displayed at the “Clay Studio” on Newbury St., Boston, “454 Art Gallery” and "Artists Crossing Gallery" (Downtown Boston), and at the “Out of the Blue” art gallery, Cambridge (MA).

 Besides painting, Inna also works as an art and photo model for artists and photographers.