Elana Mokady Art is an emerging art brand, with a mission to spread positivity through art, and to uplift people’s spirts in the spaces where they live, work and heal. We embody Happiness Healing, Vibrancy, Positivity and Imagination!

Elana is an acrylic painter, based in South End, Boston. Her vibrant and optimistic paintings have been selected to decorate homes and healthcare environments around the world, popular with children and adults of all ages for their healing and pacifying impact.

Elana was born in Kiev, Ukraine, during the communist regime.
With this rich, multicultural background, Elana appreciates everything naïve and imaginary. Childhood legends, smiling faces and festive costumes spark her imagination and come to life in brushstrokes of vibrant, joyful colors and imaginative patterns of nature.

Elana has been painting since her early childhood and holds a formal degree in Art from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
After relocating to Boston with her family, Elana opened her first studio and dedicated her time to spread happiness through her art.