Darci Kollios



I am a self taught artist who acquired my fathers paints, brushes, and easel less than five years ago. My entire life has been ruled by color. Being able to release my emotions onto a large canvas & tell a personal story through colors & textures is magical. People respond to my pieces because they reveal everything and hide everything in exactly the same fashion.
Since birth, I assume, & without a conscious decision, I have collected every glorious, sensual, frightening,
provocative and striking image I've ever experienced.
The words of a powerful conversation, the simple beauty of nature, the spirit of people
I have loved & feared, the dancing hues of light & dark in my dreams were carefully
filed away until the time was right put it all on canvas.
I paint because it's an inner journey that brings surprise, wonder and peace upon completion for myself and my clients.... and makes me hungry to begin the next one. Many of my pieces can be hung several different ways because I turn the canvas numerous times when doing a very detailed piece with faces or shapes. It's like getting 4 paintings in one.